Zulie’s Past Life Regression

Zulie came to see me because she was curious, but also she thought she had some connections with Scotland but didn’t know why, her door didn’t have a number on it but she described a florette above the door, I took her through the door…

Tell me about the clothes you are wearing

“I’m wearing black boots, red trousers tucked into my boots, a short black jacket with a belt on, I’ve got a black hat on with a red and yellow trim. I’m holding some kind of silver things.”

Tell me more about the silver things you are holding

“I’m holding a sword its like a thin foil and in my other hand a have some sort of chains, its like I want to throw it.”

Tell me what the ground is you are standing on

“It’s grass, muddy. I’m in the countryside but there are lots of people there waiting, as if they are waiting to fight, there’s a wooden canon on wooden wheels, I can smell the wood, like its wet and there’s lots of people shouting, it’s some kind of battle, they’re all lined up with spears, with shiney helmets on. They’re wearing shiney helmets that covers their nose.”

Are you fighting against these people?

“No, I’m in charge, I’m standing watching them,I’m waving my arms and telling them what to do, telling them to go down into the valley, I’m not going with them, they’ve got horses, I have to tell them what to do but I feel somethings gone wrong. They are in the wrong place and I need to get them in the right place.”

How old are you?

“30 something.”

What’s happening now?

“I’m telling them we’ve got to go and sort this out, we’re running down the hill, I’ve made a misjudgement about something and my men have gone to fight, someones saying we’ve got to get word back, back to the King, King George, I’ve sent somebody back on their horse, 3 of them. Their lives are in danger and I need to get them back, alot have been killed.”

Describe yourself to me

“I’m losing my hair, I’ve got sideburns and am very athletically built. I’m telling my men to retreat but it’s mayhem, there are children in this army they look really scared. I’m coming back up the hill with my men but lots are injured, I’d given the wrong order, I should’ve waited.”

Do you have medals?

“Yes, at least 4 for bravery, I’m not proud to wear them today. We’re going to the forest to put up camp, some of the men wont take my orders, they dont believe what I say, I just want them safe. I tell them my orders are the orders from the King and they need to follow them.”

What year is it?

“15 something. My right arm is cut, a swords gone right though my jacket, I’ve got a beautiful grey massive strong horse. I trust this horse.”

Are you married?

“I am, to Ava, but she passed away having a child, the child didn’t live either, I carry a little painting around of her with me. She had long brown hair, she wore it up, I really loved this lady, I miss her very very much, I’ll never find another lady like her. We met in London at some society affair.”

Do you live in London?

“No, I visit London but I live in the country. My sister lives in London, she does what ladies do, she goes out, she’s looking for a husband. I dont see alot of her.”

What’s happening now?

“It’s 1532. I dont fight now, my last battles were in Scotland and the Forest of Dean. I’m at home at my desk writing letters, I’m not in uniform now but I’m smartly dressed, I have a seal a square seal. I have a lady that does the cleaning, I dont like her, she’s not clean herself, my wife found her and I feel obliged to keep her.”

At this point I took Zulie forward to a significant event in that lifetime…

Whats happening now?

“I’m at the Kings palace, I’m in my late forties and I’m in line with a number of other mem, I’m in my uniform, a formal dress, I’m here to get some kind of award or honour, some people dont think I deserve it but I know I do. I’m getting a medal in the shape of a cross on a red ribbon with two stripes on it, it’s gold, I’m really proud to get this, the Kings giving it to me. It’s a very formal occasion, the Kings addressing the crowd saying how proud he is and what a good job we’ve done and we’ll always be remembered and how we must be honoured, he saluted me, I’m sad my wifes not here to celebrate this occasion with me. There’s only 6 of us getting this medal, it’s a golden cross, its very beautiful. It’s the end of the ceremony and we are led to another room to have a feast, we’re drinking wine.”

At this point I took Zulie forward to the end of her life…

“I’m old now, I’m dying but I’m not worried about it, I feel like I’ve achieved alot and I’ll get to see my wife again.”

At this point I brought Zulie back and we discussed the regression, she was going to do some research about her medal.