Megan’s Past Life Regression

Megan came to see me, she also was curious about her past lives and felt she had quite a few of them. This is what happened

Megans door was up a few steps, it was yellow and had milk bottles on the doorstep, it had number 12 on it…

Tell me what your wearing

“Black leather pointed boots, clear tights and a dark blue three quarter puffy out dress, I’ve got white posh leather gloves on and a stupid hat. I’ve got brown hair, curled under, quite nice. ”

Tell me about your surroundings

“I’m inside, stood on a brown carpet in the living room, there’s a setee and a small television. There’s two boys playing with toy airplanes, Keiran and Thomas. They’ve got shorts on, they’ve been to school. My names Margaret, Maggie Im only young 21, no earlier. The two boys are mine, they’re only 4.”

Are you married?

“Yes, but I dont know where he is, I can hear actual planes going over, lots of planes.”

What’s happening outside?

“People are in a rush, running, somebodys knocking at my door, it’s a man in a top hat and a suit, I dont know who he is but he says I need to get out, he’s insisting I come out of the house with the children but I dont know where my husband is, but I have to go.”

Is the man taking you?

“There’s a horse and cart outside for me, I need to go, it’s not good, I can smell smoke and hear sirens, I dont know where we’re going, the planes are green with a flag on, its Germans, we’re being attacked. I’m trying to stay calm cos the boys dont like it. People are running.”

What’s happening now?

“We’ve stopped, there’s a lady shouting and holding a sign, it says “no war”. My husbands just ran up to me and picked me up, he’s taking me and the children somewhere, into this mill but it’s a dangerous place to go.”

What’s your husband like?

“He’s called David, he’s got dark hair, curly dark hair, looks like it’s been greased back. He’s wearing grey pants and a grey waistcoat and a white shirt and he’s got a stupid moustache which I do not like.”

Have you told him you dont like his moustache?

“No, I dont really see him, he works away in the mill, he’s the manager. I dont mind him working away.”

Do you work?

“No, I look after the boys. I make bread for us and the neighbours.”

What’s your surname?

“Dobson, but now I’m married it’s Fletcher.”

What’s happening now?

“We’re getting attacked in the mill with bombs, I’m ok just looking after my two boys, there’s loads of men sheltering, but I dont think we’re safe but there’s nowhere else to go.”

Whats the name of the town you’re in?

“London, the outskirts of London, David keeps standing up to see if its clear outside but I’m telling him to get down but he wont listen, it’s not safe. A planes just shot a bomb into the whole building, half of it’s come down, I can see it now more clearly, lots of machines, people are hiding under the machines, I wish they’d go somewhere else.”

I took Megan forward at this point to a significant event…

What’s happening now?

“My husbands stood in front of my, I’m sorting his tie out, we’re going dancing. I’m wearing a little side hat and a cream coat with lovely silk cream pointed heels.”

Where are you going dancing?

“To a hall, I like dancing. We still live in the same house, the boys dont live with me now, one is married. We’re leaving the house now, going down some steps to meet the neighbour, she’s coming with her husband, we’re walking it’s not far.”

The hall where you are going, what’s the name of it?

“I dont know but im on Orde Hall St and the halls at the end of the road. I like dancing to Jazz, there’s a band. There’s nowhere to sit so I might as well go and have a dance. I’m dancing with my husband. I’m happy.”

I took Megan forward again at this point…

What’s happening now?

“I’m stood at my husbands grave, putting some flowers down. I’m about 80 now, I’m sad he’s died but I’m ok, I cared more about the boys, one lives near me but the other lives near Scotland, he comes and visits me.”

At this point I brought Megan back.

She has done some research about her regression and has actually found Ordy Hall St in London, she’s been to visit the house and it’s exactly how she described it, with a few steps leading up to it. She said it was amazing to see it.