Lorraine’s Past Life Regression

Lorraine came to see me as she felt she had a connection with Israel but had no idea why.

There was no number on her door. I took her through the door

Tell me what you are wearing.

“Metal on my legs, wearing metal on top half of my body, metal on my head, I have a sword, it’s on the floor, I’m on my knees”.

What’s happening?

“I have a horse, it’s sandy and hot, very hot, I’m on my own. I’m outside, sand all around, I’m so hot, I can’t get up, I’m too heavy, can only get on my knees”.

Are you injured?

“I don’t know, just so hot because of the metal I’m wearing, it’s heavy on my chest, I can’t breathe. I don’t know what to do, they’ve left me”.

Who’s left you?

“The others, I can see black bones”

What’s happened?

“I came off the horse, the horse stumbled and I fell, the others left me, we were chasing them, they killed everyone. Richard died”

Who’s Richard?

“The king, he’s dead, we got word he was going home back to England. I was born here and I’ll die here”.

Who were you chasing?

“We were trying to protect the caravans, they were attacked by the Saracens, they massacred women & children, did horrible things to them”.

Where are you?

“The dessert, Israel, I’m in Israel, I’m so hot, I was in Jerusalem when Richard died, I was protecting the caravans. I’m 33 my name’s William DeSavage, I have no family. I’ve died”.

At this point I took her back to her younger years as William to find out what had happened.

“I’m playing in the sewers, I’m 11, I’m dirty, my friend’s with me, Jean-Paul, he’s my best friend. I live in Jerusalem, I sleep anywhere, we steal food and crawl into a cave to eat the bread and fruit we’ve stolen”

What are you wearing?

“Rags, it’s cold, we sleep together to keep warm. My parents are dead, my mother was a whore, I never knew my father. We are racing cockroaches, mine’s not winning, Jean-Paul has the fastest cockroach”.

I took her forward again a few years at this point.

How old are you now?

“I’m 15, I’m a squire, I help the knights, we look after the horses, polish the metalwork. I sharpen the swords and the daggers. I live with the other squires. Jean-Paul died, the Saracens killed him, he was a squire too. We are being taught to be men, we’ll be sergeants if we work hard, I want to survive, there are 12 squires, I’m the youngest”.

At this point I took her forward still in the life of William.

How old are you now?

“21, I’ve been fighting trying to save the caravans, I’m hurt, a spear went through my arm, I’m in the infirmary, my arms been cauterised to stop the bleeding, it hurts so much, they are heating the blade to cauterise it, I’m frightened, they’ve done it. They said I’ve been very brave, I’ve fought well, that I was a good soldier, I feel good, I’ve done gods work. There’s a priest come to see us, we’re having communion, we couldn’t go to the chapel. I must take confession for killing all those people”

At this point William started saying Hail Marys

Are you a knight now?

“No, I’m a sergeant, our captain, he’s a good man”

What year is it?

“It’s 1175”

I took her forward again in the lifetime of William.

How old are you now?

“I’m 30, I’m drinking in the tavern, the ale is rank, the food is rank, I hate my life, I hated killing but I had to protect people. People were taken and beheaded I had to protect them”

At this point I took her forward to the day William became a knight.

How old are you now?

“32, I am kneeling, one of the knights said I could take his name, but I don’t like him, he’s an evil man, but I have no choice if I want to be a knight, his name is Peter Le Gont, he’s a knight and wants me to take his name. His likes boys, he’s an evil man, he has red hair & beard, he looks like a lion who wants to eat you. He has a wolf on his chest, he kills Saracens for fun but I won’t be like him, he makes my skin crawl. Peter has made me into a knight, they say it’s because I have curly hair like a girl and he likes me”

“I have a white horse, he’s beautiful, my friend. My armour is heavy, no room to move it’s hot, they say you get used to it, I don’t think I ever will. I’m full of blood, my horse has cuts, another massacre, soldiers have been beheaded, women raped and children taken, we got the children back, we saved them, but they have no mothers or fathers to protect them, they’ll grow up like us. We killed the Saracens. I’m lucky to have got to this age”

I then took her forward to last day in the life of William

Tell me what’s happening

“We were waiting for the caravans to come, we heard screams and knew they weren’t far away, we were riding, riding to hell, my horse stumbled and I was thrown, I rolled down and down, the others left me to try and get to the caravans, we’d been chasing the Saracens, my horse fell on me, I can’t get up, only to my knees, it’s so hot, the sun’s so hot, I’m going to die, I’ve died”

I brought Lorraine back at this point and we discussed the regression, she now understands why she has a connection with Israel.

After some research the King Richard she refers to was Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart.