Fiona’s Past Life Regression

Fiona came to see me, among her reasons for wanting her regression was her fear of water

Fiona’s door had number 1271 written above it, I took her through the door…..

Tell me what you are wearing

“I’m wearing a type of hessian boots, a long brown skirt, similar material to my boots, a cream blouse, not very well made, a bit dirty, I’m wearing like a baggy cream mop hat. I have mousey brown hair, tied up tucked into my hat”

Where are you?

“There’s farm machinery around me, a plough, lots of straw on the floor, I’m in a barn. I’m going to fill the buckets with water from the well, it’s one of my jobs, I feed the animals”

What’s your name?

“Matilda, I’m in my 30’s. I need to go and get the meal ready for my husband and the twins, Tom and Amelia. I can see my husband and I feel like I want to go and give him a hug, he’s smiling and his eyes are twinkling. He’s swung me around, I’m happy”

What’s happening now?

“He’s carrying on working on the farm and I’m preparing food, I can see my husband through the window. The children are playing. He’s collapsed outside, I’m running to him, I’m panicking but there’s no-one to help, he’s not responding”

At this point Fionas subconscious took her to husbands graveside.

“I feel lost, I’m just stood staring at his grave, the children are crying”

At this point Fiona wanted to speak to me about the feelings she was having about losing him and how she could relate to these feelings in her current life. She knew she had brought this feeling of loss with her into this life. We did some healing.

I brought Fiona back from the life of Matilda and asked her whether there was another door she wanted to go through. She found another door and I took her through it………

What are you wearing on your feet?

“It’s dark, I can’t see my feet, but the ground is cold and hard, I’m in a dungeon, there’s rats, I’ve been imprisoned”


“They think I’m a witch, I can heal people, people ask me for advice, I feel frightened and angry, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, a man and a woman put me in here, they give me scraps through the bars”

What year is it?

“1759, I’m 27”

How did you heal people?

“I make potions with herbs and put my hands on people to heal them, that’s why they think I’m a witch”

What’s happening now?

“There’s someone coming, carrying a lamp, I’m shouting, I’m angry, they’ve opened the bars and dragging me up some steps by my hair, they’ve dragged me outside and people are throwing rotten food at me. I can see some of the people I have helped but they don’t want others to know that they know me.”

What are you wearing?

“Nothing, so I’m mortified about that. Someone’s reading something to me, telling me what I’m accused of, saying I’m a witch and in league with the devil”

Where in the world are you?

“I’m not sure, but I think it’s Germany, I speak Dutch, my name’s Olga, I can’t read or write”

What’s happening now?

“I’ve been accused and they’re going to kill me, or should I say see if I die, they are going to throw me into the water to see if I float, I’m fighting to get them off me but there’s too many of them. They’re tying my hands and feet, if I float they say I’m a witch, they’ve thrown me into the water, (I pointed out here that she would not feel any pain from what was happening to her) I’m drowning, I can see faces looking at me in the water but I’ve floated down to the bottom of the water, everything’s starting to go dark now, I’ve died in the water”.

I brought Fiona back and did some healing with her, she now understands her fear of water and also why she does Reiki.