About Me

I have been working in Bolton as a Past Life Therapist for over 12 years and I couldn’t wish for a better job. I have always wondered what our purpose in life is and why we are like we are. Learning about past lives has shown me that with each life we live we learn more and more. Past Life Regression is a fascinating way of finding out facts about ourselves.

Every past life regression I have done is different and each one amazes me. No two regressions are ever the same, so when a client comes to see me I look forward to it just as much as they do. I get to meet a variety of lovely people, some are anxious to get on with it and some are nervous. The first thing I would do with anyone is to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Building up trust is my priority. Then I explain exactly how the regression is going to work making sure that you know what is going to happen. This is very important as not only do I need to know what your reasons are for wanting a past life regression, but you need to feel completely at ease with what is going to happen. Some people are just curious but some people have specific reasons and when we’ve discussed all this then your past life regression can begin.

I hope to see you soon,

Jacquelyn Longworth PLRT MPLTA


Past Life Therapists Association
Member of the Past Life Therapists Association