How Regression Works

Past Life RegressionAll you need to do is make yourself comfortable. Using my voice I gently lead you into a beautifully calm state of mind using visualisation and relaxation techniques. You wont fall asleep, just feel very relaxed and will remain in control and fully aware of what is happening. It is a perfectly safe, natural state of mind, similar to daydreaming. You will be able to experience your past lives in your minds eye as if you are actually there as it happens. This is exactly what hypnosis should be like.

All our past lives are stored in our subconscious mind and the only way to access these lives is to be completely relaxed. You are guided the whole time and are never left alone. The visualisation I use is a peaceful garden. You are led through the garden towards a chair where you will be able to sit down and enjoy some relaxing time to yourself with tranquil surroundings for a short time.
Past Life RegressionOnce you have had some ‘you time’ in your chair You are then asked to leave the chair and will be guided down some steps that lead to a pathway and this pathway stretches away in front of you with trees on one side. You are then asked to walk down the pathway where you will start to see doors. These doors are doorways to your past lives. The further you go down the pathway the further back in time you’ll go. Your subconscious will show you doorways into different lives and will guide you and help you pick which doorway you want to go through. Sometimes the doorway will have a number above it and this is to show you the year. Once you’ve picked your doorway I will ask you to go through the door and close it behind you. You will then be able to experience yourself in a past life, I will be asking questions and you will be able to answer. The questions are important as the answers you give will mean you are able to do research into your regression. After your regression is finished you are brought back through the door you used to go into that life and asked to close the door behind you. You are then brought back up the pathway where you will bring back all the memories of your regression.

Past Life Regression

Will I have after effects?

No, your regression is completely safe and you are in control the whole time. When your regression is finished I will bring you back through the door you went through and ask you to close it behind you making sure it is properly closed, I will ask you to tell me outloud that you have done this. You will then be brought back in the correct way and will be able to remember your regression in detail.