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Past Life Regression

Does a past life influence our present, every day lives? Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit or other unusual behaviour comes from? Why do we think we’ve been somewhere before? Perhaps we have!

What is past life regression

Past life regression is an exciting trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time. This relaxing, gentle hypnosis will allow you to steer your way on an exciting and fascinating trip into other lives you have lived. With modern information technology many historic and interesting facts from a regression can be confirmed, dates, names and places traced.

Past Life Dreams

Dreams can have many meanings and sometimes, whilst asleep, our subconscious mind can show us snippets of memories from our past lives. This maybe to do with a past life issue which links into your present life. Using past life regression techniques we can guide our mind to show us to the life of the dream.

Reasons for wanting regression?

I have met numerous people over the years who come to me for a past life regression and each one has a different reason. Lots of people are just curious and don't necessarily have a specific reason but some people do have questions they want answers to. I will spend the first part of your session discussing this with you and explaining exactly what is going to happen.

Discover who you really are

Who you are is strongly influenced by who you were before, your very character is carved from experiences, both in this life and in other lives. Have you ever met a stranger and felt an instant feeling of recognition and friendship? Often these people become important in our lives, sometimes we even marry them, but have you known them before?

Have you ever wondered why you have an interest in a specific period in time?

Maybe in a past life you were there!

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